Monday, October 20, 2008

Wood Stove Incident

Burn injuries take devastating toll on nation's children

The study found that children 2-years-old or younger were more likely to be hospitalized for burns to their hands or wrists and from contact with hot liquids or objects, compared with children 3 to 17-years-old who were more likely to be burned by fire. Children 2 years of age and younger accounted for half of the children hospitalized for burns, and almost two-thirds of hospitalized children were male.

Well that leads me to our incident. I told scott we better try the wood stove before it gets to cold out. So he did and the boys were running around the house and they thought it was cool to see the fire in our house in the wood stove. But they were still cautious. Hunter came running and tripped and his wrist touched the stove. OUCH!!! Major burn, I think it was a second degree. So I went into mommy mode majorly...I was very calm though. I have always been that way. I cleaned it all up as best as I could and then I gave him some ibuprofen and put lots of triple antibiotic ointment on it and badaged it up. Then we layed on the bed and read books until he finally felt some pain relief. He was hurting so bad. He just cried and cried. I felt so bad that I couldn't keep him safe from getting burned but I do know that this won't be the first or the last time I have to patch him up or make him feel better. I have alot of years to do that with 3 boys. So I have to really keep myself informed of what to do in situations like these. Although I have had my share of these things growing up. I was a big accident prone kid. If it could be done I would find it. But I always a very calming spirit. I took things well. So I hope I can give that kind of calm reassurance to my children when they have mishaps like these. Scott needless to say felt so bad that he burned himself so badly. But it wasn't anyones fault, it was one of those freak accidents that you don't want anyone you love to have to go through. But hunter is doing great and healing great. So I guess we have to go through these little things to make us stronger some how. Everything that happens to us is something that we can use in our lifetime. It helps us build on the knowledge that we are all learning everyday. But sometimes you wish that you could just let someone learn from yours and not have to experience things like that. I think that will be my biggest try to be ok with my children learning lessons themselves and being there when they get hurt instead of being able to stop the hurt before it happens. All is good now. But I tell you what me and scott both have mixed feelings about using a wood stove now for sure. That was one of our biggest worries.