Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Puppy

We got ourselves a new puppy. We named her tia. The boys thought up this name, they were saying names from the cars movie and they thought of the twin miatas, tia and mia. So there we have it. They are so excited. Nathan was the one who took charge of her. He is always saying my puppy. So far she has been a really sweet dog and is quite smart too. They have been pretty scared of dogs for a while now. We haven't had any for a couple of years now. Finally we got one, nathan has no fear and drake is getting better too. Hunter is the cautious one, he is warming up more and more everyday. She is one of heathers dog maggies puppies. She is just a cutie pie. They got there christmas present early HE HE. They each have there own jobs to take care of her and they have beeen doing great. Hunter makes sure she has water, Drake makes sure she has food, and Nathan makes sure she goes outside when I tell him. What good boys I have. Till next time